Wildern Academy Trust
Care Opportunity Quality

Boorley Park School

Boorley Park is a brand new primary school on the Boorley Park estate, opening to its' first Year R cohort in September 2019. It is the first primary school being built as part of the Wildern Academy Trust.

The key principles and ethos of the Wildern Academy Trust are built on Care, Opportunity and Quality. In opening Boorley Park Primary school our aim is to provide outstanding learning experiences for each child within the community. We are ambitious for all our pupils and offer a clear focus on achievement for all and high quality teaching in a stimulating environment.
The key features of the vision for the new school include:

• ‘No child left behind’; each child is at the heart of what we do.
• All learners are supported and challenged to become independent, resilient, confident, articulate and moral individuals who are aspirational and ambitious.
• Exciting, personalised learning provision to stimulate pupils’ enjoyment and love of learning.
• A culture of rights, respect and responsibility.
• An ethos which is inclusive, where each individual is valued and there is a focus on well-being and achievement
• High quality professional learning for staff, developing strong and sustainable partnerships where innovative practice is jointly developed and linked to educational research and high quality pedagogy.
• Clear lines of accountability, underpinned by strong management systems.
• Outstanding leadership at all levels to realise the vision.

Wildern Trust believes in the principle of ‘Outstanding to Greater’ and staff and leaders continue to improve by reflecting on current practice and being open to new thinking. We believe that co-ordinated and planned progression between key stages is critical. Our vision for Boorley Park School will enable high rates of progression and sustained learning as pupils move through each phase of their school experience. We will create a coherent learning experience where pupils from different age groups will learn together. We will continue to recruit and retain high quality professionals who will plan and deliver together across the phases to meet pupils’ needs and establish continuity and expected levels of progression.

There will be a culture of high expectations, mutual respect and excellent behaviour.