Wildern Academy Trust
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Wildern Academy Trust consists of three schools, Wildern Secondary, Boorley Park Primary and Deer Park Secondary, opening September 2021. The three schools are in close proximity to each other and serve a large catchment area, incorporating the surrounding villages of Hedge End, Botley, West End and Boorley Park. The growth in the area required two new schools and the Trust is delighted to lead this work within the community.

The key principles and ethos of the Trust are built on Care, Opportunity and Quality. We have a proven track record in providing excellent learning experiences which we aim to provide across all our schools in the Trust. As an outstanding provider we are confident about our current and future provision.

We are outward looking and have a history of school-to-school support and professional development which not only supports the wider school system but the outstanding practitioners who work in all our schools. We run a cross-phase School Centred Initial Teacher Training programme which provides newly qualified teachers for the Trust schools and for schools within our local area.