Wildern Academy Trust
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Wildern Trust offers a broad and balanced curriculum that enables all students to pursue their passions and interests across a wide range of subjects. Students will follow a deep and rich, relevant and differentiated curriculum which will prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life and their continual pursuit of learning.  The curriculum is designed from Early Years to Key Stage 4 to help children acquire the knowledge required to be successful, alongside the skills they need to ensure this knowledge is mastered and expertly applied in multiple contexts. Across the schools all children will work within the National Curriculum. The curriculum supports individual students of all abilities and wherever possible an appropriate and personalised curriculum is provided that suits the individuals needs and ability. We are committed to giving all our students in all our schools the opportunity to achieve and experience success.

The curriculum across the Trust carefully considers changes in the educational landscape and the Ofsted Framework by which all schools are judged. Understanding the purpose of the curriculum and how this is reflected in the schools’ values is fundamental to our vision. Particular consideration is given to the sequencing of each key stage and how students build knowledge over time. Linked to this is the understanding of how children learn and remember, and evidence-informed practice enables teachers to deliver and adapt their teaching to respond to, and meet the needs of, all learners.