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Teaching and Learning

Success in the classroom requires an understanding of the learning journey. The Trust is able to deploy teachers to work across all phases and this gives opportunities for staff to plan, teach, moderate and learn together and supports the continuity of learning and student progression. We invest in staff learning across the Trust as we know it makes a difference to the students. The more staff understand the learning journey from Reception to age 16 the more value is added to the learning experiences of the students.

External validation of the work of the Trust is in place. The Trust commissions an external adviser to quality assure standards and this includes the quality of teaching and outcomes. Linked to this is the model of peer reviews across each school which evaluates and validates the quality of teaching and learning in each school and across the Trust.

We believe children learn best in a stimulating environment with staff who offer challenge and support. We use a blend of teaching techniques to best meet the needs of all our learners and staff use resources and new technologies to engage and enhance the learning experience. Our aim to help each student find a love of learning that will stay with them beyond their school days.