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Wildern Academy Trust was established on 1st July 2018.
To this end, the three stated multi academy aims for are:

Wildern Academy Trust, a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales with company number 07554117. Registered Office address: Wildern School, Wildern Lane, Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 4EJ.

Click here for Companies House. Company type Private Limited Company by guarantee without share capital use of 'Limited' exemption

The Multi Academy Trust comprises of three tiers of governance oversight, the Members, the Trust Board (Trustees) and the Local Governing Body (LGB) governors. 

Members have the power to appoint or remove Trustees, amend the Articles and receive the accounts.  Members will meet at least once a year, of which one meeting will be the Annual General Meeting (AGM). 


The Trust Board are involved in setting a long-term strategic direction for the school, act as a critical friend to the school and ensure that the school is accountable for its actions.  They are responsible for setting policies and objectives, approving the budget and ensuring financial probity, appointing staff and challenging and supporting the Headteachers and Executive Headteacher.  

The Trust Board aims to achieve a balanced group that has the right skills, experience and dynamic for the group to work well and support the Academy in achieving exceptional performance.  

The Trust Board meets at least once a term, the Finance Committee and each school’s Local Governing Body meet once every half term.

There are a number of vacancies on the Local Governing Bodies at this time. These will be filled as the Trust progress further towards the Multi Academy Trust governance structure.

Chair of the Trust Board

Glenda Lane 


Clerk to the Trust Board 

Annette Towgood 


Correspondence to Trust Board should be addressed to: 

Annette Towgood

Clerk to the Trust Board

Wildern School 

Wildern Lane 

Hedge End 

SO30 4EJ 

Emails can be sent to a.towgood@wildern.org  


Trust Board Members

Joseph Cooil

Gwennan Harrison-Jones

Debbie Johnson

Alison Neasom


Trust Board Trustees

Katie Griffin

Anthony Jardine

Glenda Lane

Marie-Lou Litton

Sarah Martin 

Ruth Saw

Liam Thomas 

Karen Wigley

Jonathan Williams

Jackie Partridge


Wildern School Local Governing Body 

Nicola Addis

David Bull

Mark Heath

Anthony Jardine

Brett Milburn

Ceri Oakley 

Christopher Sanchez

Karen Wigley - Chair  


Boorley Park Primary School Local Governing Body 

Rosemary Dawson-Edwards - Chair

Neil Freeman

Matt Jones

Ruth Saw

Tamsin Sillars 

Richard Sims 

Doug Attewell


Marie Lou Litton

Rosemary Dawson-Edwards 

Sally Wheeler

Jon Williams - Chair

Rachel Lucas 

Lauren Walters

Kate Singleton 

Wildern Trust, a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales with company number [07554117]. Conversion to academy status: changes to the School's literature This document is provided for general guidance only, and is not intended as specific legal advice for any particular client or transaction. January 2017 Registered office address: [Wildern School Wildern Lane, Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 4EJ.

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