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Xmas Message 2021

Dear Parent\Guardian

When putting up the Christmas tree this weekend it was hard to believe how quickly it has come around again. It has been another turbulent year for us all since the stresses of last Christmas, which saw many of us unable to see our families and friends. Let us hope that despite the new challenges of Omicron - things will be different for all of us this year in a positive way.

It was good to see Deer Park open on time in September and that for both Wildern and Boorley Park some normality returned with the removal of bubbles and a general return to school as we know it. We had successful Open Evenings for all three schools which were well attended and we hope gave an insight into the life and educational offer across all our schools. We saw our major school production at Wildern again and in the remaining couple of weeks our Dance Showcase, Christmas Concert and Nativity plays.

There have, of course, been several challenges. In particular for Wildern with the biggest student population, Covid and general winter illness has certainly taken its toll in a way that has not hit Deer Park and Boorley Park. All credit to my colleagues at Wildern for digging deep when absence of both students and staff have been a real challenge. Your patience and understanding has been a huge support when challenging and difficult decisions have had to be made. All credit to Mrs Oakley and the team in managing this and limiting the disruption as much as they can, here’s hoping for a better January. Thank you to all our parents for supporting the new measures across all our schools regarding the wearing of masks, I know we had all hoped that those days were behind us, if however, it helps to keep us safe it will be worth it.

The context of our three schools does vary; with one very established and two new and growing. However, the values and principles remain consistent across all three. Our relationship with our parents is critical and I thank you for your ongoing support and the kind messages we receive each day thanking colleagues for the job they continue to do despite the challenges.

I wish you all a restful and positive Christmas break when it arrives. Keep safe and enjoy time with your families.

Miss Litton