Wildern Academy Trust
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Summer 2022 Message

Dear Parent/Guardian

As we drawn to the end of another year a short letter from me to extend my personal thanks to all our parents for their ongoing support and involvement with all our schools this year. As I alluded to in my awards evening speech it has been a challenging year that has tested all of our resolve. COVID was clearly our biggest challenge and I do not think any of the headteachers believed it would present the challenges it had in the previous year. Sadly it did but they met it head on and managed it with total professionalism and resilience, at times not sure how they were going to staff their schools. So many of you acknowledged that over the year with your emails of support in everything the schools did to remain open and function as normal as possible. While COVID numbers have gone up again this term it has had less impact, it has been the high temperatures that have tested in the last few weeks!
All our schools are full for next year with Boorley moving into its fourth year with two new classes in Reception, Deer Park moves to year two and Wildern enters its 90th year! Various events have happened at all schools from dance showcases, awards celebrations and summer fayres, quite a variety that reflects the culture and ethos of all three schools. All have their own unique qualities with some common principles shared across the trust, all of which are linked to do the best for the children in our community.
On behalf of all my colleagues’ thank you all for your continued support and reflections, they help to guide what we do and adapt as we sometimes need to. Parent and student voice is important to us to ensure that our provision successfully serves our large community. Our ambition on growing the trust as you all know is to ensure we had great schools providing quality learning and opportunities.
We look forward to working with you again closely next term and I wish you all a lovely summer wherever it takes you.
My sincere thanks to you all.
Yours faithfully

Miss M L Litton
Executive Headteacher