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End of Term Message from Miss Litton

20th July 2020

Dear Parents and Students

Well what a four months it has been for us all, with many challenges we were not prepared for. As we move to the end of this academic year, I wanted to write to extend my sincere thanks on behalf of both our schools and staff for your patience, understanding, unfailing support and feedback. That has helped us all enormously to find our way through this, often finding ourselves having to respond quickly to new guidelines and expectations. Did we get it right all of the time for everyone, possibly not, but I know that both schools have done their very best.

We are in no doubt that this has been challenging for all of you, parents and students alike. I suspect in many ways we have learnt a lot about ourselves and found that we can do things differently when we have to and indeed an inner strength that we perhaps didn’t know we had. I genuinely hope we can now move forward again and return to some form of normality.

Prior to receiving my final letter, you will have had updates from both Mrs Oakley and Mrs Sillars about our plans for September. Clearly, we remain hopeful that things continue to improve and some of what we have planned may not even be necessary, either way we will be ready and excited about welcoming back all our students. A lot of planning and preparation has gone into our plans so that you, the children and our colleagues are confident to return. We believe the sooner we can get back to normal routines and work patterns the better for all of us.

We fully recognise that there will be some anxieties, that is inevitable after such a long period of absence, but I am confident we will all get back into our school day routine. We will of course do all we can to allay any fears and support our youngsters and staff on their return.

The end of formal school for Year 11 was less than satisfactory but we were determined to arrange a proper farewell, which again Mrs Oakley has outlined in her letter to you. Certainly, unlike many schools we were determined to do this properly so rain or shine we will all look forward to the 19th August.

To conclude I genuinely hope that none of you have been touched by this terrible virus and that you remain healthy and safe with some form of holiday, even if just in this country. It will be different but I personally am just looking forward to seeing my family and friends more than in recent times, that is for me enough for now.

Thank you once again for everything you continue to do for us, we look forward to working with you closely again next term.

Yours faithfully

Miss M L Litton

Executive Headteacher